Renovating of properties started off when we where contacted by an architect who was disappointed by workmanship of the builders that where currently working on his clients site. Sinal game in to save the day and by the end of the project, the client was satisfied with the work we did for him.

Renovations can be tricky and costly if not approached correctly. We will come to your site and inspect the work requirement and even advise on possible options to complete the work that might not have been pointed you yet. This way, you end up saving money and you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

The renovation jobs we do include:
  • Breaking out walls;
  • Digging trenches and casting concrete for boundary walls;
  • Building, plastering or repairing walls;
  • Installing windows in existing walls;
  • Modernising old bathrooms;
  • Tilling. Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble,  Mosaic etc;
  • Cement and Colour Screeding;
  • Skimming of Ceilings or Installations of new boards;

We working hand in hand with plumber and electrician we've been using for years and are experts in their respective fields.

Please contact us here to arrange a site inspection and quote for your next home renovation idea.