Water is the most permuable substance know to man. In other words, if there is a crack, water will find a way through it.

The big secret to waterproofing is actually finding the leak. Identify the problem and give a long term solution the the problem. This varies from small repaires to lifting the existing roof to rectify the fall of the roof to eliminate the leak.

We use waterproofing product called "Bulldog" on minor repairs. Torch-on waterproofing is the most trusted solution that we've been using successfully for some years now. We give 10 years guarantee on Torch-on of waterproofing. Our clients range from individual to bigger companies.

DIY waterpoofing sounds easy, but it really isn't. Get us to come inspect and quote on solving your water leaks.

For more information on the waterpoofing product "Bulldog" we use, please visit their website: